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Every one will think of the famous Jungfraubahn the train on top of the alpes to see the Jungfrau, and when they hear the word Interlaken. Yet there are many more fun things you can do the whole year round in Interlaken …..

Of course no blog post about Interlaken would be complete without mentioning the Jungfraubahn. Therefore I won’t hide the video from you that has attracted over 118 000 views on Youtube:
Switzerland’s Jungfrau Region: Best of the Alps

There is also a great introduction to Interlaken in this video. (44 635 views).

And here is the train ride to the Jungfrau with very helpful explanations. (79 000 views)
Jungfrau Switzerland via Interlaken and Grindelwald

Now that I have given you the main attractions of Interlaken let’s turn to the other fun things you can do here.

First of all did you know that one of the most beautiful marathon trail of the world is in Interlaken. The next Jungfrau Marathon will take place on Saturday, September 12 2015. So do not be surprised if you have a tough time finding a on this weekend.
And here are more details on the Jungfrau Marathon.

If you get hungry or want to dive into the culture of Switzerland and Interlaken there is now the Interlaken Food and Culture Tour. This tour has attracted a lot of attention.
You will get more detailed information here.
On this tour you will see the traditional aspects of Swiss culture in local, authentic settings and you will be able to look over the shoulder of a traditional woodcarver and learn about this old Swiss handicraft. And of course the tour will include an insight into chocolate and cheese as well.

Having consumed all this calories on the cultural Interlaken tour there is a great opportunity to get rid of them through canyoning. What is canyoning? Don’t confuse it with canoeing. Canyoning is about travelling in canyons. In this video you can see what will happen during canyoning.

To calm down after your exiting canyoning trip you might consider a round of golf and the beautiful breath-taking environment. More details on the golf course is here.

After having relaxed at the golf course in Interlaken you might to get your adrenaline going again. Here paragliding could be nice opportunity.

And of course you can do mountain biking in Interlaken. Yet Interlaken is not the most attractive place in Switzerland for mountain bikers. You have to take a wider tour to get the most out of it.

This was all summer activities and of course you can ski in Interlaken as well.
You can top all that by helicopter skiing in Interlaken. See yourself:

Hope you enjoy your stay.